Sunday, January 15, 2012

'Watercolor Study of a Mated Pair of Desert Whitetail Dragonflies (Plathernis subornata of the Family Libellula)' - Mature Female Detail

Second Half of Mated Pair Painting- Mature Female
Transparent Watercolor on Crescent Mat Board.
Non-Professional Photography
The Adult Male (Light Ble Body) will be on the left and the female
will be on the right in identical cutouts and info written on the mat board.
Tthe final Framing of the Painting with each dragonfly study will be
in a separate cutout of a double matted Crescent Board
identical to what I painted them on. Caligraphy
will be done by a professional that I use
 ( I can paint better than I write!)
Final Size is 24" x 14".


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