Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Part of 'Watercolor Study of a Mated Pair of Desert Whitetail Dragonflies (Plathernis subornata of the Family Libellula)'

Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three
Part One- Male Desert Whitetail Dragonfly Final
Non-Professional Photographs

Transparent Watercolor on Cresent Mat Board
Image Size-Part One (Male): 7.5" x 5.25"

This is the various stages of Part One of my next Watercolor Study
'Watercolor Study of a Mated Pair of Desert Whitetail Dragonflies-
(Plathernis subornata of the family Libellula)'
I was fascinated by this species due to the dramatic mating colors
found on the male (I call it Carolina Blue, since I went to UNC)
versus the marking on the female- which are sepia with
beautiful gold markings on its body.
 They will be mounted in a frame side by side- when finished.


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