Monday, April 25, 2011

Watercolor Studies of Indian 'Trout'

Indian Trout (Barilius bola)
Tibetan Snowtrout (Diptychus maculatus)

Transparent Watercolor on Crescent Mat Board
Each Image is 9" x 4.5".
To be matted & hand labeled by Smith Custom Framing
New Cumberland, PA.

Non-Professional Photographs

This is the finished double Watercolor Study of Indian Carp
that are named trout due to their resemblance to Trout.
As I mentioned, the idea of this Watercolor Study came to me through
an antique book on Game Fish of the World from the 1930's.
The book is a great inspiration- in fact the section on
Cuban Game Fish was written by Ernest Hemingway!
While I like the Indian Trout the best- I could not leave out
any fish named 'Tibetan Snowtrout'! My problem now is
what section to I put this on my web site? I have  Trout Pages
and other fish pages - which one?

One of the enjoyable aspects of these 2 Carp/Trout is that
even though they are only distantly related they have the
 exact same color palette - making the dual painting
work that much better.


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