Saturday, October 22, 2011

Taimen Trout (Giant Eurasian Trout)

Transparent Watercolor on Crescent Mat Board
Image Size: 10" x 4.5". Second Image in the 'Trout of Mongolia' Painting
Non-Professional Photograph

The Taimen Trout is the world's Largest Trout (Huncho taimen) 
with a record catch of 231lbs!! Also known as the Mongolian Terror,
the Giant Eurasian Trout, the Siberian Salmon.
The most common bait is a mouse or a rat.
Or if fly fishing- a large artificial mouse.

The Taimen Trout is being framed with my watercolor study
of the Lenok Trout in a Double Watercolor Image Framing
titled "Trout of Mongolia. This is my second double
painting of Asian Fish - with the first being titled
'Trout of India' with the Indian Trout and Tibetan Snowtrout
that are really carp that have the appearance of trout-
therefore, are named as they are.
You can view the 'Trout of India' on my website.

The Taimen is an amazing trout, as a typical trout is only
2 or 3 lbs, and the Taimen Trout can weigh 100X as much!!


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