Friday, January 28, 2011

The making of 'Watercolor Study of Variegate Darter (Etheostma variatum)'

Final Version of 'Watercolor Study of a Variegate Darter (Etheostoma variatum)'
Transparent Watercolor on Crescent Mat Board.
Double matted on Identical Mat Board (Museum Quality)
Image Size: 9" x 4.5". Matted Size: 14" x 11".

A continuation of a series of darters found on the East Coast. This is the fourth
darter of the series. It is another colorful one- similar to the Rainbow Darter
but found a little farther west- in the Ohio River Drainage Waterways.

These small bottom huggers (Around 2 inches long) are one of my
favorite subjects. I love the various markings and especially
the bulldog faces with bugged out eyes.

I wanted to show another version of how a fish appears- like magic
on my paper.


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