Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Artwork to come soon.

Today I met with Jim Davis of Art Repro services (www.artreproservices.com) who I work with to make Giclee Prints and Note Cards. I gave him 5 new painting to process. One is to be used for a Christmas Card. Two are on window boxes of flowers on brick buildings, one is similar to 'Wallflowers' and is called 'Wild Roses'. I tried a new style with 'Pink Tulips' that combines Impressionistic style with more realistic style of the tulips.

On the window boxe paintings, Jim came up with a great title for the two similar boxes with purple flowers- 'Twins'. The other one is called 'Blue Shutters' for obvious reasons. I should be adding the new paintings to this site and my web site with in the week.

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